Tesla Dogs
Tesla Dogs - is a newborn Universe, realized as NFT collection, created to help in reconstruction of Dogs Paradise Shelter for the stray dogs. Our previous home was burned down to ashes by the flyers and we build the new one in the new location.
Having presented now 200 NFT episodes, we have an ambition to create a completely new and independent Tesla Dogs Universe. With multitude of story lines and introduction of new unexpected heroes. Some of them very recognisable and some almost unknown. But very insightful and eye-catching. All the heroes, the new and the old, will interact and generate fascinating plot points.
We also give an extremely serious attention to all the details of scenery in every NFT episode. Some of the details have underneath meaning that will be discovered within the following development of the action.
So please follow our website and social media to discover the further adventures of Nikola Tesla, Harry Potter, John Wick, Rubeus Hagrid, Draco Malfoy, Joanne Rowling, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Tesla dogs and Tesla friends.
We constantly create and display on the marketplace new unique NFT episodes.
About us
We are a family shelter for 60 dogs that survived cruel war with monstrous and unhealthy state machine. We lost the beloved members of our family, were burned down to ashes and finally were evicted from our own house.
But we didn't give up.
We found new home in the grounds of ancient Novgorod Republic where we are constructing new shelter right now. The guesthouse shelter where you may come and stay for a while with us and the dogs, enjoying the atmosphere of friendship and dog's happiness. You may walk with the dogs along our famous Dog's Paradise Parth, cook for the dogs porridge with meat on the stove and spend evenings by the fireplace surrounded by happy and grateful dogs. With nice drinks and delicious dinner.
Here are our website and instagram
We hope that TeslaDogs NFT project will help us to carry out the construction and development of our Dog's Paradise shelter.
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